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14/12/19 – A Big Thank you


Des’ family would like to extend a truly heartfelt thank you to all those who sent letters, cards, pictures and well wishes over the last few weeks.  What has undoubtedly been a difficult time for Des’ partner Ann, and their sons Chris, Matt and Nick, has been softened to know just how much Des meant to so many people.

This was even more apparent through the attendance of Des’ funeral with people coming from all aspects of Des’ life to say a final goodbye and celebrate his life together. This was a huge comfort to all the family, and we are all grateful to those who could come.

In memory of Des , nearly £1000 was collected in aid of Diabetes UK, whose work benefits those, like Des, who deal with this all too common illness every day. If you wish to make additional contributions, please do so direct to Diabetes UK here.

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